What is ThincCareers / ThincInterns?

We’re a service for candidates and employers borne of frustration.

For too long, candidates and employers have been underserved in the arena of hiring and interning. Vast fragmentation of information, millions of job listings, unresponsive resume submittals…it’s all a big mess and fulfillment only seems to arrive via sheer luck. University and college career centers willingly admit their lack of funds and capabilities. Workforce dev programs are too often like visiting the DMV. The frustration of it all sends candidates and employers to the web removing personal and individualized attention.

We use state-of-the art educational technology to support our matched and personal Agents. These Agents work with candidates and employers in their own, individualized way to optimize the hiring and interning process.

How does it work?

Well, there are a few components to our business. We work with candidates (interns, re-careering professionals, anyone seeking a job, etc.) on a national basis by matching them with personal Agents that assist with resumes, interviewing skills, job opportunities, etc.

Additionally, we work with employers of all sizes as they grow their respective businesses with talent. Our employer Agents assist in finding and acclimating talent to an employer’s needs. Lastly, it all comes together through the use of our technology, our national network and our on-location pop-up events. We meet, greet, and facilitate career events in creative and fun ways. The way work should be.

Agents?…What do you mean by Agents?

Yes. Agents. We’ve built (and are continuing to build) a national network of knowledgeable professionals willing to spend some time with candidates to meet career and intern goals. We simply match the right Agent to a candidate and their assistance begins on a candidate’s path to success. Agents connect via phone, text, Skype, Facetime, whatever floats a candidate’s boat. All are knowledgeable, experienced, committed and respectful. They also schedule to a candidate’s timeline. It’s pretty cool.

For employers, an Agent assists in locating the optimal candidate regardless of talent need – interns to full-timers. Employer Agents work as a part of an Employer’s team and provides a clear and concise ROI.

This isn’t new. The entire sports world is run on Agents. We’re just bringing Agent representation to the masses on a national scale. Wish you’d have thought of it, eh?

Why does it work?

First, it’s a national network. All other efforts to connect employers and candidates in a personal and networked manner are regional at best (i.e. colleges, universities and government workforce development centers. By having pop-up career events on a national basis – and focusing on employers that lack the resources to manage the process on their own – we’ve been able to build a strong network of employers and candidates that simply aren’t being serviced).

Second, we use technology that’s based on proven individual educational plans (IEP) technology. It’s not based on job-postings and standardized resumes. They are merely hopeful transactions. Sure, these docs are necessary (and we help optimize them for you). But we help candidates with the RIGHT resumes and postings. And we help employers with the right talent fit at any stage. Remember, it’s not what you know. It’s who you know. And we know a lot of people.

What does it cost?

Candidates (basically anyone seeking a career path or an internship) subscribe on a monthly basis. Subscription fees connect candidates with Agents who assist in all manners of readying oneself for a career or internship. A subscription can last one or many months since the process is indeed, that, a process. That being said, it costs $15.00 a month. Easy enough.

Employers have it a bit differently. There is no employer need that is exactly the same. Standardizing everything into a job posting and picking websites to place it never, ever seems to get it done. So we’ve begun working with one-person start-ups to very large companies that need some structure around intern and full-time hiring. Fees begin at $200 and scale based on need. Give us a shout or shoot us a note and we’ll share how we get it done and guarantee our work.

Anything else?

We make it easy if you’ve got any other questions. Just call (844) 684-6837 or email Info@ThincCareers.com. We guarantee you a kindly response.