This Is Who We Hire

This frequent  follow link No 1 Amazon Best Seller  Pre market options trading movers Career Guide is required reading at the  University of Central Florida (largest University in the USA). click here  It is used in  source site The College of Business Administration and the Department of Psychology for their Professional Development and Career Readiness une rencontre uptobox  classes for over 10,000 students.

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This frequent  No 1 Amazon Best Seller Career Guide is required reading at the site de rencontre gratuit au quГ©bec  University of Central Florida (largest University in the USA). here  It is used in  The College of Business Administration and the Department of Psychology for their Professional Development and Career Readiness classes for over 10,000 students.

You will learn how to;

  • Develop the interpersonal skills needed to encourage people to meet you and quickly like & trust you. This will enable you to connect and build relationships into a network that will help you.
  • Ask your connections the right questions about their daily activities, work environment & career direction – so you can target jobs you are likely to enjoy.
  • Gain the right skills & experience, including internships, to build your competitive advantage to meet the specific needs of your targeted jobs and employers.
  • Build relevant profiles on social media such as LinkedIn using “key words” those employers are likely to search on.
  • Write targeted high impact resumes that will get you an interview.
  • Connect with the interviewer and avoid a personality clash.
  • Prepare for and professionally answer common but critical interview questions – plus prepare the questions you must ask.
  • The four thresholds you must cross to win the selection process.
  • Prompt them to make you an offer and negotiate a better one.

It ALSO shows you how to succeed in the job and get promoted.

You will learn;
  • What you must do on the day you join to maximize “the best start” in your internship or job.
  • How to understand an employer’s expectations from you & how to outperform them.
  • What to do if a job is not going well.
  • How to develop mentors and raving references you can count on your entire career.
  • A process to consistently solve problems & complete difficult tasks to help you develop a reputation for getting the job done.
  • Build management and leadership skills & learn how and when to apply them.
  • Three strategies for getting promoted you must have in place at all times!

Is there a need for this book?

The challenge – According to sources such NACE, Accenture, and Gallup over 83% of students graduate with no job lined up and 51% will take longer than 2 years to land a career job. Over 20% lose their first job or quit in less than 6 months. Over 70% of all employees languish for long periods feeling unengaged, under perform as a result, & are unlikely to get promoted.

The root cause – Many students, recent graduates and even people in their late twenties & early thirties do not know what they really want to do.

Without an exciting job in your sights you won’t have the motivation, energy & drive to make enough effort to prepare your unique relevance to compete well in a selection process – or become a top performer in the job later. Because of these statistics employers do not believe that your degree by itself is enough to make you a “job winning” candidate.

This is why employers specifically look for your motivation (passion) & drive. They want to know what actions you took to target them and develop yourself to meet their needs – and why. They want to know you are committed.

This guide shows you the interpersonal skills, including the right questions to get the information you need, so you can decide what you want to do – and what capabilities you will need to demonstrate to get selected. It will teach you how to build & communicate your unique relevant value so that you stand out from the crowd & trigger a “This Is Who We Want!” reaction.

Most books stop at getting the job. However, statistics show that succeeding in the job is just as hard as landing it!
This “two in one” book provides a continuous process called The Career Cycle that ensures you not only land the job of your dreams but succeed in it. It then shows you how to use these same principles to build your own team with the right people – and get promoted  all the way to the top.


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