Total Internship Management: Supervisor’s Handbook


Your organization has decided to take on interns – what will you, as a potential supervisor, do with them?


Your organization has decided to take on interns – what will you, as a potential supervisor, do with them?

If your answer to this question involves making coffee and taking lunch orders, you’ll be sure to find yourself with unhappy interns, a frustrated staff, and a program that fails to take advantage of the full potential your student-workers can offer. Let’s face it – recruiting has changed, and “top talent” starts out in the top internship programs.

A 2008 study of over 40,000 college students conducted by Intern Bridge found that one of the leading gaps in internship programming stems from pairing students with ineffective supervisors. In fact, the study found that 93% of students who reported working effective supervisors would return to the host organization for full-time employment. Do you have the resources necessary to make your internship program competitive?

Total Internship Management: Supervisor’s Handbook is here to help. Created to answer the demands of human resources professionals across the nation ho utilized the original best-selling Intern Bridge Total Internship Management strategy publication, the Supervisor’s Handbook is the line manager’s bible to internship programming. Whether you are new to managing an internship program, or just looking for a few fresh tips, the Supervisor’s Handbook offers concise and practical ideas specifically tailored to today’s college students. Inside you will find tips on:

  • Learning what to expect from your college interns, and how to effectively communicate your expectations.
  • Structuring your internship program to utilize the skills of all your team members.
  • Acclimating your interns to office culture, and insightful ways to deal with practical issues like dress codes and intern use.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with your interns after they have left, so they’ll be your great campus ambassadors!
  • Making the internship experience the best it can be – before you and your intern!

These insights are only a small sample of what you’ll find in the Supervisor’s Handbook, your guide to robust solutions needed to make your internship program thrive. Today’s generation of college students is dynamic and driven – shouldn’t your internship program be too?

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